Message from the General Manager
September 2018

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September is here, bringing summer time to an end!! With school now back in session, please remember to watch for little ones going to and from school. Throughout the last few months, it has been such a great sight seeing so many of you enjoying the wonderful amenities that the community has to offer; please continue to do so. This month the lifeguards will be wrapping up at the pool. Be sure to check the pool’s hours (on page 2 of this Echoes) as they will be limited. This pool season featured one of the best groups of lifeguards who were under the direction of exiting Pool Coordinator Jeanette Mizell and our new Pool Coordinator Linda Delle. Both coordinators are vital to assisting in the operation of the pool and guiding the lifeguards. This year’s performance was outstanding! JOB WELL DONE!

The construction of the 12’ by 12’ open viewing pavilion near the fitness area and walking track located by the dam was completed last month by Heritage Homes, Inc. Stop by and enjoy the great sitting area and the spectacular view of the lake. The total cost of this capital improvement was $6,500.

Additionally, the new replacement playset for the West Playground was installed last month by our Maintenance Department. This was purchased in May from Bluegrass Playgrounds, Inc. Regarding our playgrounds, one enthusiastic property owner commented, “It is such a radical change to all the original stuff that we are replacing!” Be sure to plan time to take your children and grandchildren to enjoy the new equipment.

A concern area that many property owners have brought to our attention is the gate/fence area leading into Millbrook Golf and Country Club. This area was an open entrance into our community. A resolution was passed last month by the Board of Directors to have Creative Iron Works install a new 5’ profile fence similar in appearance to the one around the pool area as well as a 7’ wide gate with an automatic opening/closing system. Only property owners that are members of Millbrook Golf and Country Club who have a current HAWL golf cart decal will have the opportunity to purchase an automatic opener/closer for the gate. This project is scheduled to be completed within the next few months.

Last month on August 8th, a lightening storm caused a number of technical issues at the Lodge. Thankfully and most importantly, no one was injured in the incident. The Office has been open and operational despite several complications. As this report is being written, the list of issues continues to grow. As of now our damages consist of four computers, a printer, routers, TV equipment, air conditioner equipment, alarm system,  communication equipment, and a number of light fixtures and breakers that are in the process of being either replaced or repaired. As a preventive measure for the future, better surge protection equipment is being installed at the Lodge. All costs as a result of the damage is being claimed through our property insurance.

The Mississippi State Department of Health performed their annual inspection of our water system in July. The inspection ranged from equipment to procedures. It pleases me greatly to announce that we received a 5 out of 5 rating for the 14th year in a row!! This rating is something to be extremely proud of as it takes a combined effort from the HAWL Office, maintenance staff, and the Board of Directors in order to maintain a successful water operation system.

Part of planning ahead/good business practice is to have a strategy both with the operating budget and capital budget for our new fiscal year which begins on October 1, 2018. Both of the budgets were approved over the last two months by the Board of Directors. I am thankful for the help and guidance from my staff, the Finance Committee, and the Board of Directors who all work diligently every month monitoring our financial reporting and for their participation in this process. You can see the breakdown of the operating budget on page 2 of this Echoes. The Capital Improvements/Project Plan for the upcoming fiscal year is to set aside $358,500 specifically to be used for:

· Roads – overlaying, repairs, striping, and trimming trees from the roadways

· Electronic/technology equipment upgrade to the Office/Security areas

· Recreation/lake management

· Water system

I will keep you posted as each project goes forward.

As always, I encourage your suggestions and/or concerns regarding the improvement of the community. My door is always open to you. Please stop by or give me a call so that we may set up a time to meet and talk. I value the input of community members since working together is essential in order to protect, maintain, enhance, and preserve not only the community but your homes as well. 


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