Message from the General Manager
May 2018

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· Summer is just around the corner which means there will be a lot going on within the community and plenty of amenities available for your enjoyment. However, it is unfortunate but I must address the fact that the summer months often brings inappropriate behaviors and actions. Security is here but parents and property owners must help in this regard so everyone can enjoy the amenities. As a property owner you are completely responsible for the actions of your residents and guests during the duration of their time in the community.Please note that if you call in one guest and they bring additional people with them, you are still responsible for their actions. Property owners most of the time are not aware of this issue, but please be mindful and help control any additional guests.Please ensure that all residents and guests are made aware of the fact that HAWL proudly boasts a family environment on all common grounds (i.e. beach, pool, parks, roads etc.) and as such will not tolerate inappropriate behavior/actions such as cursing, crude actions, violence, and so forth.  This is an area of concern for some and a needed improvement for others. Please keep your eyes and ears open and report any suspicious activity rather than ignore it as I know I will not. Additionally, the HAWL staff and Security have been instructed to do the same. In order for this to no longer be an issue, everyone’s cooperation is needed. This community is here for your enjoyment.

· Heritage Homes, Inc. is scheduled to complete two construction projects this month. The first project is the much overdue remodeling of the bathrooms at the West Marina boat launch. The second project will be to construct a 12’ by 12’ open pavilion near the fitness area and walking track at the dam. Both projects are a welcome sight to the community. The total cost of this capital improvement project is $14,300.

· We have purchased an additional boat after extensive research was conducted on various boat styles that would best serve the needs of our lake for both security and maintenance. For security personnel, the needs of being able to conduct additional patrols during busy boat traffic times will be met as well as better assistance when a boat breaks down. The Maintenance Department will now be able to address a wider variety of maintenance needs on the lake with the new boat.  An Alweld with a 90 HP motor was ordered from Boat Stuff, measuring 20’ long, 70” wide, and a side width of 29”. The total cost of this capital purchase was $23,465. This is planned for delivery this month and will be a welcomed asset to manage the needs of our lake.

· As part of monitoring and controlling every cost and to be better efficient, it was determined that the Lodge’s attic was in much need of insulation. This month Easterling Brothers Insulation, LLC will spray foam insulation at all of the rooflines and gable ends of the Lodge with 5.5” open cell foam. The total capital improvement cost of this capital improvement project is $7,456.19.

· We have ordered from Bluegrass Playgrounds, Inc. a replacement playset for the West Playground and also 14 new benches to be placed at both parks, both marinas, and the Lodge. The Maintenance Department will install these items once they are delivered. This playset and benches will be a wonderful improvement to our common grounds. The total capital cost was $12,866.

· I encourage your suggestions and/or concerns regarding the improvement of the community. My door is always open to you. Please stop by or give me a call so that we can set up a time to meet and talk. I value the input of community members since working together is essential in order to protect, maintain, and preserve not only the community but your homes as well.

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