Message from the General Manager
July 2018

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Summertime is in full effect. This time of year is without a doubt a “Hot” time. It has been a great sight seeing so many of you using and enjoying the pool and beach amenities to cool off from the heat. I want all property owners to enjoy this beautiful “Best Kept Secret” PRIVATE COMMUNITY. As stated in my last two articles, it is an unfortunate fact that summer months bring inappropriate behaviors and actions. Some areas of concern include:

●  Traffic enforcement.The speed limit throughout the entire community is 25 miles per hour and obeying stop signs by coming to a complete full and complete stop must be done. Be sure to watch for children, walkers, runners, and bikers. Please remember to choose safety over speed.

●  Glass containers are not allowed on any common properties. ●  Littering. Please dispose of trash in trash cans provided and do no trash our roadways.

●  Disturbing of the peace. Please be mindful of promoting a family friendly environment ●  Loud music is not allowed as it disturbs others.

●  Lake rules must be followed. Vessel operator must be knowledgeable of all rules.

●  Offensive behavior. This type of behavior will not be tolerated. ●  Underage drinking or being inebriated, regardless of age, will not be tolerated and the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office will be contacted.

●  Obscene language. Obscene language will not be tolerated, especially when directed towards Security personnel or HAWL Staff when enforcing the rules set forth by the Hide-A-Way Lake Board of Directors for the safety and well-being of all our property owners and their guests.

●  Residents/Guests. The property owner is 100% responsible for being knowledgeable and enforcing the polices and rules of Hide-A-Way Lake on all of the common grounds.

I have heard from so many property owners that HAWL does not need more rules, instead that property owners must understand and enforce/follow the rules that are currently in place in order to control these areas of concern. I always say to my staff and to myself, “If an issue arises, ‘look in the mirror’ and ask is there anything you can do to resolve the issue.” Security and the HAWL Staff are here but you, the property owners, must assist in this regard so that everyone can enjoy the community. If you see any actions that do not promote a family friendly environment, please do not hesitate to contact the security department immediately. Should an issue arise in which our security personnel require assistance, the Pearl River County Sheriff’s Office will be contacted. We have had and will continue to have the PRCSO performing special details in the community to assist our security department. As a property owner, you are completely responsible for the actions of your residents and guests during their duration of their time in the community. Please understand that if you call in one guest and that guest brings in additional people with them, you are responsible for their actions as well while they are in this community. As stated, this is an area of concern for some and a much needed area of improvement for some property owners. Again property owners, your assistance is both requested as well as needed. Please keep your eyes and ears open and report any suspicious or inappropriate activity rather than ignore it or assume that someone else will take care of the issue.

This community has a membership of 1,232 properties that consists of a database of approximately 4,200 people. This is by no means a small community and that is why it takes the cooperation of everyone to preserve your community. Please keep your membership information up-to-date as it is imperative for security as well as the HAWL Office to have accurate information in order for procedures to be followed correctly. This wonderful community, as I have always said, takes everyone to protect and maintain a peaceful and safe environment.

Be sure to check out the improvements at the West Marina, which include the remodeling of the bathrooms. This remodeling project has been completed by Heritage Homes, Inc. The total cost of this capital improvement was $8,960 which was long overdue. This has certainly made a positive impact to this area. The construction of the 12’ by 12’ open pavilion near the fitness area and the walking track located by the dam has been delayed but is now scheduled to be completed by next month.

Fourteen new benches were installed last month at all common grounds for your enjoyment. Next time you are near a common grounds area, be sure to take time out of your day to enjoy your community. The playset for the West Playground is scheduled to be installed by next month.

As always, I encourage your suggestions and/or concerns regarding the improvement of the community. My door is always open to you. Please stop by or give me a call so that we may set up a time to meet and talk. The Hide-A-Way Lake community strives to maintain a peaceful and safe environment for all residents. I value the input of community members since working together is essential in order to protect, maintain, enhance, and preserve not only the community but your homes as well. 

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