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Green Boat and Golf Cart Decals Now Available

Jan 30, 2019

In order to avoid the last minute rush to get your boat on the water for the summer, green boat and golf cart decals are now on sale in the HAWL Office. With this earlier sale date, GREEN DECALS WILL EXPIRE APRIL 2020. AS OF JUNE 1, 2019, RED BOAT AND GOLF CART DECALS WILL NO LONGER BE VALID. Any boat in the water or golf cart on the road beginning June 1, 2019, with an expired decal will be issued a citation.

In order to purchase a Boat or Golf Cart Decal:
· Decals can only be purchased by the property owner.
· Accounts must be current to purchase decals.
· Proof of identification must be shown at time of purchase.
· Decals can only be purchased for the property owner’s boat or golf cart. The property owner must complete a Decal Registration form at the time of registration. (Forms are available in the HAWL Office and on the HAWL website).

Additionally for boats, proof of current boat insurance must be provided and MUST include the following*:
· Minimum $300,000 Marine Liability
· Property Owner’s name
· Boat serial number
· Expiration date
· Boat length (CANNOT exceed 24’)
*If this required information does not appear on the insurance paperwork, then the property owner must have their insurance provider provide this information on their company’s letterhead.

In order to make the purchasing process smoother, have your insurance company fax (601-798-0604) or email (office@hawlms.net) your declarations page to the HAWL Office prior to your arrival.

A boat decal for a motor powered boat costs $15 and a golf cart decal costs $7.50.