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Pictured (from left to right): Jim Wells, Elizabeth Ennis, Joey Temples, Robin Montalbano, Ron Scheuermann, Tom Gibilterra, and Jack C. Jensen, Jr.

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 Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc.  Board of Directors

Elizabeth Ennis, President

Robin Montalbano, Vice President
Jack C. Jensen, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
Ron Scheuermann, Director

Tom Gibilterra, Director
Jim Wells, Director 
Joey Temples, Director


HAWL Property Owners Association Board of Directors
Robin Montalbano, President
Elizabeth Ennis, Vice President
Jack C. Jensen, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
Ron Scheuermann, Director 
Tom Gibilterra, Director
Jim Wells, Director 
Joey Temples, Director


 President’s Address
HAWL Property Owners Association

July 21, 2018
Robin Montalbano 

Another year has gone by and Hide-A-Way Lake continues to make a number of positive changes and improvements.  The following are some of the major improvements that were made this past fiscal year.

In November 2017, a new 2017 Kubota tractor with accessories was purchased from Watts Brothers Tractor Company. The total cost of this capital purchase was $25,942.15. This replaced the 1996 New Holland tractor that had been experiencing numerous problems. We sold this tractor and side arm attachment for $8,500. This new tractor is a welcome addition for our Maintenance Department.

Also in November 2017, Contractor Larry Watkins was hired to install a concrete slab underneath the existing pavilion at the Lodge and to add two additional handicap parking spaces at the lower level of the Lodge. This gave the lower level a total of six handicap parking spaces. The total cost of this capital improvement was $5,000.

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the Bridge Maintenance Project was completed.  Dungan Engineering was hired to perform the engineering phase of construction plans, specifications, and bidding documents for the pile splicing of 14 of the existing timber piles and replacement of timber bulkheads at the bridge on Hide-A-Way Lane, which is located by the firehouse. The bridge is inspected annually and recent inspections revealed the need for these improvements. These piles and bulkhead were showing signs of sectional loss. This project was normal maintenance. All of the 14 new timber pile splices and retaining walls on each side of the bridge were approved by our engineering firm, Dungan Engineering. The total cost of this capital project was $125,294.

This past year, the upper interior of the Lodge’s Restaurant portion received a much needed facelift. The entire upstairs was painted by Meeks Professional Painting. The main dining room’s floor was refinished by Elite Hardwood Floors, Inc. The Maintenance Department continued to convert the light bulbs to L.E.D. bulbs and fixtures as well as installed new ceiling fans. The total capital improvement cost for this reinvestment to the restaurant was $27,221.97. Please stop by the restaurant to see the updates while you enjoy a meal with family and friends. In 2017, Ginger Gautrau (our Restaurant Manager) and her staff hosted over 11,124 guests, and this number continues to grow in 2018.  Ginger continues to wow our community with her passion for our restaurant!

The contract that was awarded to American Sport Fish Hatchery in October 2016 for the Lake Management Project was extended.  The extension includes monthly management trips to monitor and evaluate water quality and to apply fertilizer and herbicides as appropriate, add bait fish, and conduct an Electro-fishing assessment and report in the spring and fall.  On February 26, 2018, American Sport Fish Hatchery delivered 60,000 1” to 2” Bluegill.  In May 2018, American Sport Fish limed the lake at 1½ ton per acre for a better balance in the lake’s alkalinity and lake management.  The estimated cost for these 2018 capital improvements is $49,806. 

In March 2018, Progressive Iron Works installed new handrails for the outdoor walkways around the Lodge and tennis court area. The railing was built in compliance with current building codes and is similar in appearance to the fence around the pool area. The new railings are constructed of iron and painted black. This is a welcome sight and a much needed capital improvement for these common areas. The total cost of this capital improvement was $6,680.

Also in March, a new/replacement air conditioning system for the Restaurant’s foyer area as well as the addition of three mini split systems for the Restaurant dining area were installed by Deluxe A/C and Heat.  Both of these pieces of equipment were the last of the original items from when the Lodge was built in 1970 and are a welcome upgrade for better comfort. This total capital improvement cost was $16,409.52.

In May 2018, an additional boat was purchased after extensive research was conducted on various boat styles that would best serve the needs of our lake for both security and maintenance. For security personnel, the needs of being able to conduct additional patrols during busy boat traffic times will be met as well as better assistance when a boat breaks down. The Maintenance Department will now be able to address a wider variety of maintenance needs on the lake with the new boat.  An Alweld with a 90 HP motor was ordered from Boat Stuff, measuring 20’ long, 70” wide, and a side width of 29”. The total cost of this capital purchase was $23,465.

As part of monitoring and controlling every cost and to be better efficient, it was determined that the Lodge’s attic was in much need of insulation. In May, Easterling Brothers Insulation, LLC sprayed foam insulation at all of the rooflines and gable ends of the Lodge with 5.5” open cell foam. The total cost of this capital improvement project was $7,456.19.

Also in May, a replacement playset for the West Playground and 14 new benches were ordered from Bluegrass Playgrounds, Inc. The Maintenance Department installed the benches at both parks, both marinas, and the Lodge.  The playset will be installed in August.  The total cost of these capital improvements was $12,866.

Additionally in May, improvements were conducted at the West Marina, which included the remodeling of the bathrooms.  This remodeling project was completed by Heritage Homes, Inc. The total cost of this capital improvement was $8,960 and was long overdue. This has certainly made a positive impact to this area. The construction of the 12’ by 12’ open pavilion near the fitness area and the walking track located by the dam is scheduled to be completed in August.

I want to thank the Hide-A-Way Lake staff, Board of Directors, and committees for all of their hard work in keeping our community a wonderful place to live, which we lovingly refer to as our “Best Kept Secret”.

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