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Pictured (from left to right): Jim Wells, Elizabeth Ennis, Joey Temples, Robin Montalbano, Ron Scheuermann, Tom Gibilterra, and Jack C. Jensen, Jr.

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 Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc.  Board of Directors

Elizabeth Ennis, President

Robin Montalbano, Vice President
Jack C. Jensen, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
Ron Scheuermann, Director

Tom Gibilterra, Director
Jim Wells, Director 
Joey Temples, Director


HAWL Property Owners Association Board of Directors
Robin Montalbano, President
Elizabeth Ennis, Vice President
Jack C. Jensen, Jr., Secretary/Treasurer
Ron Scheuermann, Director 
Tom Gibilterra, Director
Jim Wells, Director 
Joey Temples, Director


 President’s Address
HAWL Property Owners Association

July 15, 2017
Robin Montalbano 

Another year has gone and as in previous years, Hide-A-Way Lake has continued to work towards improving the quality of living in our community. Numerous community-wide capital improvements were made ranging from our water system, the lake, the lodge, Waters Edge restaurant, main gate entrance, pool, parks, and playgrounds to new amenities such as a new walking path and outdoor fitness areas. This past year, capital improvements totaled $427,089.85 from capital planning in addition to the water system loan of $605,330.35 for a grand total of $1,032,420.20 going back into the community’s infrastructure and assets. All of these projects take a lot of planning and cooperation amongst the Hide-A-Way Lake staff, Board of Directors, and committees. So, I’d like to extend a sincere “Thank You” as it is this hard work that has allowed Hide-A-Way Lake to remain a wonderful place to live. Since so much takes place over the course of a year, I would like to take a minute to highlight some of the improvements our community has undergone.

Our big capital improvements project of the addition of well #4 for our water system and the addition of ten fire hydrants were completed this year. The new well has been online since December 1, 2016. This new well will provide much needed redundancy in supply for the water system to ensure that the water system can operate at all times to meet customer demand. The goal is to have a fire hydrant within 1,000 feet of any proprieties. This is only one phase of the need. We now currently have 46 fire hydrants. The planning and development stages of this massive water improvements project spanned over two years. The total project cost for the new well and water line extension with additional fire hydrants was $719,412.06 (of which $605,330.35 was loan and $114,081.71 was from capital savings). The monthly loan payment for these new water improvements is basically the same monthly payment as the 2004 water improvements loan. The new water well #4 and additional fire hydrants were needed to have a better fire suppression system, better water volume, and a design capacity needed to run our community water system. In March 2017, well #3 was updated to a water lube pump. Also, the entire exterior of this 200,000 gallon tank was repainted, which provides protection to this asset. 

In October 2016, the Board of Directors passed a resolution to award the contract for the Lake Management project to American Sport Fish Hatchery for $75,600. One of our biggest amenities is our fresh water lake, which is approximately 200 acres and is excellent to fish for bass, catfish, crappie, and other pan fish. Several studies of our lake have been conducted in the recent past with recommendations by Mississippi state agencies to improve water quality and the health and status of fish stocks. The Board of Directors hired a private professional lake management company to conduct a separate study of our lake and thus provide a second opinion of suggested recommendations. Based on the findings, the Lake Quality Improvement Plan was implemented. Lime was spread throughout the lake to adjust the current acidity of the water as well as increase the alkalinity to the standard level recommended for fresh water lakes in our area. High phosphate fertilizer was added to promote the accelerated growth of plankton and reduce water clarity. Areas of excessive weed growth were treated with chemical herbicides on a regular basis. Grass eating carp were released for the natural control of undesirable vegetation. Forage fish were released to supplement the food source and improve the health of predator species. In addition to these activities, HAWL has installed fish habitats around the lake to congregate fish with a special focus on near shore common areas where the structures can be fished by residents without a boat. An orientation map of the fishing habitats was completed and is available for residents at the lodge and on HAWL’s website. The map shows the graphic and GPS locations, type of habitats, and the depth of the structures. To improve access for fishing from shore, habitat locations are identified by a painted orange arrow land marker. The lake is the centerpiece of Hide-A-Way and this process provides important guidelines for HAWL to manage, maintain, and improve a natural and healthy lake environment for recreation and fishing activities for our residential community.

In January, the lodge had several capital improvements completed. New LED light fixtures were installed to replace the old, original florescent fixtures in the entire lower level of the lodge and the restaurant’s kitchen area. Two original electric panels in the kitchen area were replaced and brought up to code. The total cost of these capital expenditure was $8,969.85. The interior of the kitchen walk-in cooler/freezer was upgraded with new seals, hinges, closures, a diamond plate floor, and textured aluminum wall skins. The total cost of this capital expenditure was $7,685.97. These projects were badly needed and not only made vast impacts visually but also improved the electricity costs.

In June, capital improvements were made at the main entrance gate to have an automatic generator system and an electrical panel that was upgraded to code. Similar to the generators at well #3 and well #4, this generator was purchased from Taylor Power Systems, Inc. This company will also provide the service maintenance to the equipment. The panels were installed by Gulf South Electric. This capital improvement cost was $11,241.34 plus the cost of propane. This is a vital improvement for the community and was needed to keep a controlled access entrance area during a power outage.

Also this past fiscal year, many community-wide recreational projects were completed. The pool was updated with new replacement pool ladders, diving boards, and equipment.  The total cost of this capital improvement was $13,502.01. An asphalt walking path (6’ wide and 1,130’ long) was installed on top of the dam and a parking lot was completed by the dam. The total cost of these capital improvements were $58,167.74. Three outdoor fitness areas were installed in the community. These fitness areas are located at the dam before the walking track, the east playground, and the west playground. Each fitness area has a mixture of LifeTrail Exercise Stations and Energi Exercise Stations. The total cost of this capital improvement was $67,008. The east playground received a new swing set.  The lodge area received a new swing set and a wave slide.  New benches were placed at both playgrounds and along the walking path. The total cost of these capital expenditures were $9,388.25. Two new pavilions (24’ x 24’) were placed at the playgrounds, one at the east playground and one at the west playground. The total cost of this capital improvement project was $26,016.81. All of these recreational improvements were from the 2014 survey and suggestions made from the property owners.  

As you can see from the many capital improvements of this past fiscal year, the Board of Directors and the Hide-A-Way staff continually strive to make this community a wonderful place to live. 

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