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17 Jul 2008

 A meeting was held July 10th with the State of Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce, the Department of Health and Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to discuss “Channeled Applesnails” which have been found in our lake. Test were performed a month earlier on about 50 snails to check for the parasite called “Rat Lung”. All the snails taken from our lake tested negative for this parasite which is good news. The problem with these applesnails is that they will over populate very quickly. However, in talking with many of the property owners who have lived in Hide-A-Way for 20 or more years, the snails have always been here. The first visible signs are usually the egg clusters which are bright pink clumps of 200-600 tiny eggs attached to a tree, stump, pilings or other objects at the water line. If you see these egg clusters, please scrap them off into the water where they can’t hatch. This will help to reduce the population. If you handle the snails, make sure to wash your hands well. Click here for more information.

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