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Memorial Tree Fund

The Memorial Tree Fund allows for the planting of trees at strategic locations throughout HAWL. Through private contributions of $35 or more, someone dear can be honored or remembered with a beautiful tree for many years to come.  In the case of multiple contributions, more than one tree may be planted. 

Since Hurricane Katrina the Memorial Tree Fund Committee has planted over 100 trees in HAWL and started the Butterfly Garden. Trees are planted along the roadside and in the parks with planting of seasonal and perennial flowers planted in the Butterfly Garden near the walking track at the dam. The Butterfly Garden is a great nature walk for parents with children to see butterflies and bees doing their work pollinating plants. Our garden is listed on the National Pollinator List.

In addition, with approval of the General Manager, you may purchase and place a small memorial plaque near the tree. The use of a plaque must be approved by the General Manager before installation. The specifications for the plaque are as follows: the plaque (including the back plate with rounded edges for safety) cannot be larger than 4” W x 6” L. The pole size should be 2.5" in diameter and 34" long. The pole needs to have a sign cap so that the plaque can be locked on and the color must be black. The pole (including the plaque) should only be 20" above the ground and 18" below the ground. A picture of an acceptable memorial plaque (with pole) is available at the HAWL Office. HAWL will not be responsible for any damage to the plaque.

Contributions  will  not  only  help you take part in keeping HAWL beautiful, but also to remember or honor someone you love and respect.  To make a contribution, you may print a Memorial Tree Fund Form from this website or pick one up from the HAWL Office.

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