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Building Codes

The HAWL Building Code consists of six sections and the Table of Contents will assist you in preparing your project/permit request. To view a specific section of the Building Code, determine the section needed by utilizing the Table of Contents.

Besides scrolling through the PDF file, you could use one of the following shortcuts to quickly locate a particular section:

  • Select the exact page number by utilizing the “Pop Up” section that appears on the screen and entering the desired page number.
  • Utilize the Find box for a specific word or phrase by simultaneously pressing Ctrl and F on your keyboard and then entering the desired words/phrases in the box.

These quick find features may not always work based upon the specific features/applications/hardware that you are using.  As always, we are here to assist you.  Please call the HAWL Office (601-798-1484) if you have any questions.

HAWL Building Code

Permit requests are reviewed by the Architectural Committee on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month. Please ensure that all permit application requests are completed with all supporting documents attached and submitted to the HAWL Office the Monday before the scheduled meeting by noon.

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