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Pictured (from left to right): Front Row: Elizabeth Ennis, Tom Gibilterra, Kathy Busco, and Robin Montalbano. Second Row: Jim Wells, Jack C. Jensen, Jr., and John Pigott.
*Effective October 28, 2022, Jack C. Jensen, Jr. has resigned from the Board of Directors.

Board Meetings are held to conduct business and take place the second Wednesday of the month in the lower level of the Lodge at 6:30 pm. Property owners are invited to attend, listen, and to observe the discussion held during these meetings.

Concern Time is for any property owner who wishes to address the Board and will start after the Board Meeting is adjourned. Property owners wishing to participate must sign in and complete the appropriate form to be turned in to the President. Only property owners whose accounts are current and are in good standing with the community may utilize this privilege. Concern Time may either be public or private; however, the time frame to state a concern is limited and must be done so in a professional manner. Before participating, property owners should take into consideration whether this is truly a Board matter and has the General Manager been approached with this concern yet. Additionally, if the issue is a problem with a neighbor, the Board does not assist in neighbor related issues. Lastly, if the concern is regarding a security violation, the matter should be brought to the Incident Review Panel. Property owners wishing to utilize this privilege must attend the entire meeting as late arrivals forfeit this opportunity.

Board Meeting Minutes  can be viewed at this link.

 Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc.  Board of Directors

Robin Montalbano, President

Elizabeth Ennis, Vice President
Tom Gibilterra, Secretary/Treasurer

Jim Wells, Director

Kathy Busco, Director

John Pigott, Director



HAWL Property Owners Association Board of Directors
Elizabeth Ennis, President
Robin Montalbano, Vice President
Tom Gibilterra, Secretary/Treasurer
Jim Wells, Director
Kathy Busco, Director
John Pigott, Director

 President’s Address
HAWL Property Owners Association

July 16, 2022
Elizabeth Ennis 

Another year has gone by and, like most years, Hide-A-Way Lake has undergone a number of amazing changes. In order for HAWL to remain a “wonderful place to live,” the constant dedication and collaboration of the staff, Board of Directors, and the committees of Hide-A-Way Lake is necessary and never lacking; so, for that I would like to say “thank you.” While a number of the community’s changes may be obvious, there are also a great deal of “behind-the-scenes” changes of which many of you may be unaware but are certainly deserving of acknowledgement.

In September, a 20’ trailer for the Maintenance Department was purchased from Northshore Trailer and Equipment. This is a more efficient piece of equipment needed for the water system lines and to help our drainage system by cleaning out some existing areas to improve drainage.  The total capital purchase was $6,028.00.

A “claw/grappler” attachment was also purchased in September from Parish Tractor to assist with storm cleanup from Hurricane Ida. The total capital purchase was $2,887.93. The Maintenance Department completed all pickup in September.

In November, our tennis courts received a makeover. Our Maintenance Department pressure washed both courts and installed new nets and a new backboard.  Gulf South Electric completed the refeed to the tennis court lights and the pavilion area power, which were not to code and were malfunctioning.  The total capital improvement cost was $3,937.60.

Also in November, the emergency repair of the 18” road culvert replacement in the 1000 block of East Lakeshore Drive was completed by our Maintenance Department. The total capital cost was $1,346.23.

As part of the general maintenance on the water system, the Maintenance Department began replacing 100 water meters in November. This project is scheduled to be completed throughout the year. This purchase was through Southern Pipe Supply at a total capital improvement cost of $14,088.60.

On December 1, 2021, we began taking debit and credit cards in the HAWL Office and Waters Edge Restaurant. All fees and charges will be charged to the card owner.

A contract was signed with Veteran Security Services after bids were received in September. The contract began on December 5, 2021. Veteran Security Services is veteran owned and operated. We feel that this brings us to a new level of technology and professionalism to our community.

Thirty-seven septic tanks inspections were completed in December. Thirty-five had no issues and two failed inspection, thus requiring connection to the PRCUA central sewer system.

While the lake was down in January, Chris’ Paving was contracted to seal cracks and seal the entire main lake spillway to preserve and control the erosion on the spillway. The total capital cost of this project was $17,500.00.

In January, Can’t Be Beat Fence installed the four foot tall black aluminum fence at the east and west playgrounds only on the main street sides for both safety and beatification reasons. This project’s total capital improvement cost was $15,931.81. This project has been a long time request by many Property Owners and we have received many compliments on this project.

In January, the remodel of the Main Guard House and work at Southgate was completed. Bids were received in July for this work and the contract was awarded to Charles Martin Construction. The total capital improvement cost for this project was $71,650.00. The Main Guard House was totally gutted to the studs then rebuilt. This project included an addition added to the backside with a new restroom and an extended side walls for additional square footage. It also included a new electrical panel with new wiring to code, new flooring, new sheetrock walls, new cabinets and countertops, a mini split air conditioning system, new windows, roofing, and a paint job inside and outside of the guard house. The Southgate building received a new roof and paint job inside and outside as well.

In February, Parish Tractor delivered the trackhoe mini excavator (Kubota model U25R1T4). The total capital purchase was $18,618.00, which included trading in the 2014 Caterpillar model 3009.  

Meeks Professional Painting completed the painting of the interior lower level of the Lodge in February. The total capital improvement cost was $11,950.00.

Also in February, City Carpets, Inc. completed the installation of ceramic tile in the waitress station of the restaurant for a total capital improvement cost of $1,873.43.

A 500 gallon propane tank for the Lodge generator was installed by TNT propane in February.  The total cost of this capital improvement purchase was $4,950.33.

Also in February, Gulf South Electric completed the meter pan upgrade at Well #3. The total capital improvement cost was $1,980.82. Additionally, the generator transfer switch and wiring for Well #3 were replaced by Taylor Sudden Service, Inc. for a total capital improvement cost of $4,329.93.

In February, the contract with American Sport Fish Hatchery for 2022 lake stocking/management was approved for the delivery of Threadfin Shad, Blue Gil Bream, and Black Crappie for a total capital improvement cost of $21,936.00.

In March, the Lodge’s 40KW generator was delivered from Taylor Power Systems. In May, Gulf South Electric completed the installation. The total capital improvement cost for the generator and installation was $44,447.90.

Metal roof covers at Well #4 and Well #3 over the generators and controls were installed by our Maintenance Department in March. Materials were purchased from Metal Building and Supplies for a total capital improvement cost of $1,921.22.

In March, a five foot cutter “bushog” was delivered from B&C Small Engine Service for a total capital purchase of $2,134.65.

Also in March, AVL Installations installed new cloud based access control software through Chamberlain Group/Liftmaster. The total capital improvement cost was $1,603.74 plus an annual cost of $150.00 to maintain the software. This replaced the Symmetry software which was costly to maintain and out of date.

A contract was signed for a new visitor management system with Gate Sentry. The system went into effect on Tuesday, March 8, 2022. By linking residents directly to the Main Gate, Gate Sentry provides your updates to the gate staff in real-time electronically, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Best of all, when someone arrives, you will receive arrival notifications in your email inbox and/or the Gate Sentry mobile app on your phone.

In May, Joey Aucoin of EFT Diversified completed the sediment removal from the back horseshoe area.  The total capital improvement cost for this project was $10,000.00.

Also in May, the Motorola Radio Repeater System from Bearcom was installed. The total cost of this capital purchase was $5,526.76.

Thirty-five replacement pool chaise lounge chairs were delivered from Home Depot in May. The total capital cost was $4,868.13.

Again, I want to personally thank the staff of Hide-A-Way Lake, the Board of Directors, and the HAWL committees for their work in maintaining our community. “Good neighbors make great communities.”

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