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Pictured (from left to right): Front Row: John Pigott, Kathy Busco, Robin Montalbano, Tom Gibilterra, Jim Wells, Chad Hurst, and Elizabeth Ennis

Board Meetings are held to conduct business and take place the second Wednesday of the month in the lower level of the Lodge at 6:30 pm. Property owners are invited to attend, listen, and to observe the discussion held during these meetings.

Concern Time is for any property owner who wishes to address the Board and will start after the Board Meeting is adjourned. Property owners wishing to participate must sign in and complete the appropriate form to be turned in to the President. Only property owners whose accounts are current and are in good standing with the community may utilize this privilege. Concern Time may either be public or private; however, the time frame to state a concern is limited and must be done so in a professional manner. Before participating, property owners should take into consideration whether this is truly a Board matter and has the General Manager been approached with this concern yet. Additionally, if the issue is a problem with a neighbor, the Board does not assist in neighbor related issues. Lastly, if the concern is regarding a security violation, the matter should be brought to the Incident Review Panel. Property owners wishing to utilize this privilege must attend the entire meeting as late arrivals forfeit this opportunity.

Board Meeting Minutes  can be viewed at this link.

 Hide-A-Way Lake Club, Inc.  Board of Directors

Robin Montalbano, President

John Pigott, Vice President
Tom Gibilterra, Secretary/Treasurer

Jim Wells, Director

Kathy Busco, Director

Chad Hurst, Director
Elizabeth Ennis, Director



HAWL Property Owners Association Board of Directors
John Pigott, President
Robin Montalbano, Vice President
Tom Gibilterra, Secretary/Treasurer
Jim Wells, Director
Kathy Busco, Director
Chad Hurst, Director
Elizabeth Ennis, Director

 President’s Address
HAWL Property Owners Association

July 15, 2023
Elizabeth Ennis 

Another year has passed, and Hide-A-Way Lake has seen a lot of positive changes and advancements. These community-wide improvements take a lot of collaboration and cooperation amongst the Hide-A-Way Lake staff, Board of Directors, and committees. So, I’d like to extend a sincere “Thank You!” as it is this hard work that has allowed Hide-A-Way Lake to remain a wonderful place to live. I would like to say a special “Thank You!” to our Finance Committee, our Board of Directors, our volunteers who serve on various committees, and of course our HAWL management and staff for making good, sound, and tough decisions to keep this community one of the best in the country. This year we had a record number of 80 volunteers throughout our committees! Since so much takes place over the course of a year, I’d like to take a minute to highlight some of the changes our community has undergone.

In August 2022, the security contract was amended stating effective October 1, 2022, HAWL will pay for fuel to the amount of $12,500 annually and Veteran Security Services (VSS) will reduce their hourly rate by 50 cents.  If the fuel price exceeds $12,500 annually, VSS and HAWL will split the difference.  This amendment saved HAWL approximately $5,000 annually.

Also in August 2022, two Generac Portable 6500w generators were purchased from Hooker Ace Hardware.  One is for Southgate and one is for the Maintenance Department.  The total cost of this capital purchase is $1,540.78.

In September 2022, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has mandated that water systems have a service line inventory completed by October 2024. We have begun this process on each home in the community.

Also in September 2022, clearing of 900’ for a 6’ chain link perimeter fence with North Hill was completed by Christian Brothers Tree Service. Can’t Be Beat Fence completed the installation of 800 feet of 6’ chain link perimeter fencing in the area of the 800 to 900 block and the 1000 block of Hide-A-Way Lane next to North Hill. The total cost of this capital improvement project was $25,947.01. This amount includes Can’t Be Beat Fence and Christian Brothers Tree Service for area clearing.

In October 2022, the HAWL Office’s 2012 server and two other PCs were replaced by NVI Technologies. The software upgrade with Aims Technologies was completed in the December/January timeframe.  The total capital improvement cost for this project is $18,789.50.

In November 2022, all of the water system wells (Well #2, Well #3, and Well #4) were inspected/pump tested by Griner Drilling Service, Inc. All of the results were positive.  The total capital improvement cost for this inspection/test was $1,658.50.

In January 2023, the wood floor in the restaurant’s main dining room was sealed. The total capital improvement cost of $1,665.00 was paid to Elite Hardwood Floors, Inc.

In March 2023, a new pool vacuum was purchased from Advantage Manufacturing.  The total cost of this capital purchase is $1,949.00. Also, two new blowers and one Stihl brand cutter were purchased from Phillips Building Supply.  The total cost of these capital purchases is $941.57.

In March 2023, American Sport Fish Hatchery delivered the stocking for the Lake Management project for this year.  Fish delivered included threadfin shad, coppernose bluegill, and pure northern bass. The total cost for this capital purchase was $20,800.00. This was the second part of the project that began in November when they performed the electrofishing assessment for a capital improvement cost of $1,286.50.  Their report was provided to the Lake Quality Committee.

On March 31, 2023, the 2023 Road Overlay Project with Lowe Bros. LLC was completed. The total capital improvement cost was $491,709. Areas overlayed included: E. Lakeshore Dr. Entrance to 215 E. Lakeshore Dr., Millbrook Ln., Fairview Ct., Hide-A-Way Ln. from Rustic Ln. to W. Lakeshore Dr., Forest Ct., Rollingwood Dr. from Willow St. to Cragmont St., Greenwood Dr., Tanglewood Dr. to W. Lakeshore Dr., Main Gate Entrance, handicap parking space and walkway at the walking track at the dam, 502/504 Ridgeview Dr., 114 Peninsula Dr., 105 Peninsula Dr., road culvert at 1010 E. Lakeshore Dr., 100 Driftwood Dr., 300 E. Lakeshore Dr., road culvert at 1129 E. Lakeshore Dr., and Grandview Ln./Berryhill Dr.

In conjunction with the Road Overlay Project, the 2023 Road Striping Project with Lane Line, LLC was completed on April 1, 2023. The total capital improvement cost was $22,800. Areas striped included: Main Gate Entrance/E. Lakeshore Dr. to Pine Burr Rd., Southgate, Rollingwood Dr. from E. Lakeshore Dr. to Cragmont St., Hide-A-Way Ln. to W. Lakeshore Dr., Hide-A-Way Ln. from Rustic Ln. to W. Lakeshore Dr., and Hide-A-Way Ln. to Big Pine Ln.

Also in April 2023, Davey Tree Service began trimming tree limbs from Coast Electric’s powerlines throughout our community. This project is currently ongoing and is a very important process to maintain our powerlines.

Also in April 2023, all insurance policies were renewed with Eagan Insurance for the renewal period of April 30, 2023, through April 30, 2024. Policies included: Property/General Liability - $69,467.97, Crime - $1,187.00, Directors and Officers - $6,166.00, Tower - $12,419.55, Auto - $5,592.00, and Boat - $2,108.00.

In May 2023, the replacement gate operators with all new safety equipment and sensors for the Main Gate and Southgate through AVL Installations was completed. The total capital improvement cost was $17,333.67.

Also in May 2023, all 47 fire hydrants within our community service area have been painted, marked, and tested.  The three lake stand pipes have been removed per approval from the Carriere Fire Department.

In June 2023, the contract for resurfacing the tennis courts and adding pickleball courts was completed. The total capital improvement cost of $19,000.00 was paid to Magnolia Sports Construction.

Also in June 2023, updates were provided regarding the civil case filed on March 3, 2023, in Chancery Court of Pearl River County on Hide-A-Way Lake, Inc., the “developer” of our community, for ownership of 40 acres tract of land by the back spillway that belongs to our community. Working with the developer’s attorney, we have agreed to hire Wetland Consulting Services, Inc. for wetland determination and designation. The fee of $5,900.00 was split between both parties. Of the 40 acres, approximately 21 acres are wetlands. This is still a matter of major importance to our community.

The above-mentioned projects are just a small portion of what goes in to keeping our community running smoothly. It is the central focus of the Board of Directors to stay committed to continually improving the community which, in turn, will ensure that Hide-A-Way Lake remains a wonderful place to live. Thank you so much for your assistance and the pride you take in your community.   

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