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GUEST ENTRY:  Guests must be registered prior to their arrival in order to gain entry to HAWL.  All guests MUST use the inside lane and present their driver’s license upon arrival. The registration requires the correct spelling of the visitor's first and last names for quick entry.  There are four options for registering guests.

Call In - Property owners and registered residents 21 years of age and older may grant visitor entry approval by calling the main gate from a phone number registered in the HAWL database (limit of five numbers allowed). With the installation of caller ID, unless requested, the guard will not telephone the property owner to announce the guest's arrival or verify the entry authorization. When calling in, if the call is placed from a number not pre-registered in the HAWL database or from a "blocked" number, the registered property owner (or resident 21 years and older) will not be able to "call in" a guest. In order to prevent a delay at the gate, the “Call In” option should only be used to register five guests or less. When registering more than five guests, the Daily 24 Hour Guest Registration form should be utilized.

Daily 24 Hour Guest Registration Forms allow the property owner to register numerous guests for a 24 hour period. The forms can be obtained online from the HAWL website, the HAWL office, and the guard gate. Once completed, the forms can be submitted to the guard gate. 

Extended Guest Registration Forms allow the property owner to register guests for an extended period of time to prevent having to call in frequent visitors. The forms can be obtained online from the HAWL website, the HAWL office, and the guard gate.  Once completed, the forms may be submitted to the HAWL office or guard gate. 

E-Advance System – Property owners and authorized residents can register a visitor by using HAWL's website to access the E-Advance System (must have an issued password).  Visitors may be logged in for any time frame.  The E-Advance System will immediately have the visitor logged in at the front gate; however, please remember that this system is based on the internet availability both at your location and at the guard gate. 

To access the E-Advance System:

  1. Go to our website at www.hawlms.com.
  2. Click on the E-Advance Pre-Register Visitor link.
  3. Log in the property owner's name and password.
  4. Time/Length of visit.  Enter arrival date.  If guest's visit is extended (longer than one day), enter departure date.
  5. Provide the visitor's first and last name ensuring that the spelling is correct and matches the visitor’s driver’s license.
  6. Submit registration and log off.

Please note, this system does not allow for a company name to be entered; therefore, the “Call In” option must be used to register service personnel. Also note, if guests are pre-registered for an extended period, the View Registration option on the E-Advance System only allows you to view those pre-registered visitors prior to the guard checking the guest in for the first time.  After the guest's first entry, the property owner will not be able to view the pre-registration of the guest, although, the guest is still registered in the system.  If any changes need to be made after the initial arrival of the guest, you must contact the office.








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