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Get involved & make a difference!  Joining and volunteering in a Committee is a great way to have a hand in shaping the way of life we value in our community.

If you'd like to get more involved with a HAWL Committee, now is the time to do something about it. The Committees have plenty of opportunities for volunteers.  Click on each committee for a description.  If you are interested in making a difference, please contact us for more information.

Committee meetings are conducted on a monthly basis on the date and time designated by the Board Member representative or as agreed upon by the committee members.

Architectural Committee

Appointed by the Board of Directors. Responsible for reviewing all Building Permit applications to insure compliance with the Hide-A-Way Lake Building Code & making recommendations accordingly. Conduct on-site inspections as necessary to gather information to be used in processing Permit Applications. Perform such other architectural related duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors. Three members' signatures are required for permit approval.

Finance Committee

Responsible for reviewing, analyzing & critiquing the Annual Operating Budget as well as other revenue generating activities such as the restaurant, horse stables, RV storage area etc., and making comments, suggestions, and/or recommendations, through the Board member representative, as ways in which the Board and management may make improvements in our accounting procedures. Perform such other finance related duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors. 

Social Committee

The committee has the responsibility as directed by the HAWL Board to organize and implement social activities and events for the residents of HAWL.

These activities and events fall into two categories:

1. Committee Sponsored Events: These events will be identified, planned and implemented by the committee members. Committee sponsored events might include but are not limited to flea markets, dances, Toys for Tots and fashion shows. These activities will be agreed upon prior to the year of the activity and published in the Echoes.

2. Committee Facilitated Events: At these events, the committee will assist HAWL residents in creating, meeting and implementing their own social events. These events may include but are not limited to: meet and greet nights, initiating new activities, and new-comer packets. The committee will also generate a contact list for all social and recreational groups currently meeting. 

Security, Safety & Fire Committee

Responsible for conducting periodic review of the Hide-A-Way lake Security Procedures and make recommendations for improvement, for implementing new procedures or to change existing procedures. Review Administrative Fee Procedure to insure that it is maintained up to date and is in compliance with existing laws and procedures. Perform such other security related duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors. 

Lake Quality Committee

Responsible for collecting lake water samples at various locations for in house testing to assure lake water quality is within recommended regulatory limits. Monitors the growth and extent of noxious aquatic vegetation, performs weeds treatment in conjunction with maintenance staff. Provide assistance to the General Manager on waste water issues including monitoring of sewer, septic tank, and other waste water systems. Responsible for conducting periodic analysis of heavy metals and PCB’s in HAWL’s fish. Such other duties pertaining to lake water systems or other water related issues which may be assigned by the Board of Directors.

Long Range Planning

Comprised of the Members of the Board of Directors and is responsible for formulating & implementing the capital budget & approving capital expenditures associated there with. 

Incident Review Board

As a sub-committee of the Security, Safety, and Fire Committee, responsible for conducting hearings for those property owners who are appealing sanctions levied against them for violating the Rules and Regulations of Hide-A-Way Lake. The committee meets every month except December if there are Appeals. A quorum (4) is required.

The committee consists of 7 members who been nominated by the Security Committee and submitted to the Board of Directors for appointment. Alternates from the Security, Safety and Fire Committee may be used to form a quorum. A committee member must have been a property owner of HAWL for a minimum of 1 year.

The chair person is appointed by the Board Representative or elected by the majority of committee members. The chair person does not vote except to break a tie. The Board Representative may not chair or ask questions or vote on an appeal.

All appeals are recorded.

Election & Nominating Committee

Appointed by the President, Property Owner's Association to perform those duties as outlined in the By-Laws of the Property Owners Association. 

Public Affairs Committee

The Public Affairs Committee is responsible for assisting the HAWL Board of Directors and the General Manager in maintaining an active program in monitoring governmental actions such as potential annexation or incorporation or any other actions that could have an impact on the community of HAWL. The committee will also provide advisory recommendations, when appropriate, as to implementing plans and programs that will benefit HAWL in a positive way pertaining to governmental issues.  Also part of this committee's responsibilities is to garner good public relations with local governing bodies and provide opportunities for public officials to interface with HAWL Board of Directors and the residents. 

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