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19 Jun 2019

Should any issues arise with your sewer system (such as your sewer alarm sounding), please contact the PRCUA (601-799-5259 or for after hours emergencies 228-205-4101). The PRCUA would like to remind HAWL residents that their team is on-call 24/7 to resolve grinder pump issues. It is important to notify the PRCUA as quickly as possible when your system goes in alarm mode to prevent overflows, restore service, and minimize the chance of destroying a locked pump. This number should be called prior to contacting a plumber since most maintenance issues can be handled by the PRCUA at no cost to the property owner. The PRCUA’s number is in service 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

With hurricane season being a topic of concern for this area of the country, several property owners have expressed concern regarding the function of their sewer system should an interruption in electrical service occur. The following is pertinent information regarding the sewer system that will be of assistance if an issue arises.

  1. Homeowners should not flush “prohibited items” to the grinder system which could cause pump failure and result in expensive repair charges billed to the homeowner.  Prohibited items include rags, paper towels, diapers, baby wipes, feminine products, chemicals, excessive detergents/bleach, excessive fats, oils, grease, or other items designated by PRCUA.
  2. The PRCUA has a 24 hour telephone number (601-799-5259 or for after hours emergencies 228-205-4101) that the customers can call if they have trouble. The PRCUA is usually able to respond within an hour or two from the time the trouble is reported. The PRCUA keeps an inventory of spare pumps and parts and should be able to resolve most problems within a day.
  3. The tank has a liquid capacity of about 146 gallons (90 flushes). Usage will determine how long the pump can be down before you have a sewage problem. In most usual cases, this should be no problem.
  4. During most power outages, the tank will have enough storage capacity to provide service during the outage. During extended outages, a portable generator between 4500 - 7000 watts equipped with a 220 capable outlet and an extension cord can be used to pump down the tank. The extension cord is a standard L14-30 twist lock configuration, with a male connector on one end, which plugs into the generator, and a female connector on the other end, which ties into grinder pump control panel. These cords are commonly available from many hardware store outlets, most commonly available in 25’ lengths. Make sure to disconnect from the panel once the pump down is completed. Each grinder may need to be pumped once or twice per day, depending on usage. During an extended outage, such as we experienced after Hurricane Katrina, the PRCUA will deploy manpower and portable generators to assist HAWL residents with daily pump downs of the grinder tanks.

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