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8 May 2020

Safety on the Lake – Rules for Recreational Boaters

Property Owners- Please help make safety a priority. Should you see any boat causing unsafe conditions on the lake, please contact HAWL Security at 601-798-1247 while the situation is occurring with as much information as possible.


  • Only days left; buy your boat decal now. AS OF JUNE 1, 2020, GREEN BOAT DECALS WILL NO LONGER BE VALID. Any boat in the water beginning June 1, 2020, with an expired decal will be issued a lake violation.
  • Boat anchored in the open lake must be no further than 100’ from shore and any swimmer from that boat must stay within 100’ from shore. Boats anchored near the dam must be behind the buoys. BOATS MAY NOT ANCHOR TO THE BUOYS. The area behind the buoys is a “No Wake” zone. A wake is defined as the swell, moving waves, produced by a vessel passing through water.
  • All boat traffic must travel in a COUNTER-CLOCKWISE DIRECTION on the open “Main Lake”. This includes manual powered boats such as canoes, kayaks, paddle boats, trolling flat boats, and sail boats.
  • Speed and wake control is the responsibility of the vessel operator to ensure the “Main Lake Wake” being produced will cause no discomfort, hazard, injury, or damage to any surrounding person, vessel, or property. The operator must immediately suspend vessel operation if causing unsafe conditions.
  • There shall be at least two persons in any boat which is towing a water skier, ski board, knee board, tube, or other flotation device/vehicle: one to operate the boat and the other to face and observe the progress and safety of the person being towed.
  • A tow boat must not enter into the “No Wake” area with a skier; however, the skier may swing into the 100 foot area to drop skis. All watercraft and skiers must stay 75’ from any other watercraft or person.
  • Every person 12 years of age or younger is required to wear a USCG approved PFD while underway in the open lake in any watercraft.
  • Speed Limit: 40 mph on open lake during daylight hours and “No Wake” speed at night, during periods of low visibility, or when the light is flashing on the roof of the Lodge. At night idle speed and “No Wake” must be observed. Please be aware that it is mandatory for lights to be lit on the boat at night. The location of the lights are as follows: green to starboard bow (front right side) and red to port bow (front left side) and all around white light on the stern (back) is operating at night.
  • Do not operate any watercraft while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Use of any wake enhancing devices, including ballast tanks, wedges or hydrofoils or other mechanical devices, or uneven loading of persons or gear is prohibited. (No wake surfing is allowed.)
  • All watercraft shall operate at idle speed in marked “No Wake” areas including marinas, bays, coves, and within 100’ adjacent to the shoreline in the open lake.

Property owners assume full responsibility and liability for any and all property damages or injury resulting from the operation of their vessel, regardless if the property owner is present.

Click here to see the complete Hide-A-Way Lake Boating Rules.

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