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Gate Sentry Visitor Management System

Guests who are not with the property owner/resident while entering the community must be preregistered prior to their arrival to gain entry to HAWL. The inside lane must be used and the guest that is driving must present their driver’s license upon arrival. The registration requires the correct spelling of the visitor’s first and last names for quick entry. Property owners are reminded that they are completely responsible for the actions of their guests and any additional individuals who accompany their guests during the duration of their time in the community.

Visitor Management System– This is the preferred method for registering guests. By linking residents directly to the Main Gate, Gate Sentry provides your updates to the gate staff in real-time electronically, ensuring that they have the most up-to-date and accurate information available. Best of all, when someone arrives, you will receive arrival notifications in your email inbox and/or the Gate Sentry mobile app on your phone.

To access the Gate Sentry Visitor Management System:

       1. Get the Gate Sentry Free App and/or Access the Web Portal

Search for “Gate Sentry” on Google Play on your Android smart phone. Search for “Gate Sentry” on the Apple App Store. For internet/desktop access, visit Gate Sentry Resident Web Portal online at https://portal.gatesentry.com

       2. Create Your Account

On the login screen, select “Create New Account” and enter your email address, password, and the issued code from the letter you received. PLEASE NOTE: this access code is not a temporary password. The access code is used by the HAWL Office upon new Property Owner registration. Contact the HAWL Office is you need the access code reissued.

       3. Update Your Information

Add or remove guests, track visitor history, and receive visitor notifications. Download the Gate Sentry app to get notifications on your smart phone/tablet. For more information, download the Quick Start Guide at: portal.gatesentry.com/quick_start_guide.pdf

Guest Registration Forms – Should be utilized only if unable to use the Gate Sentry app or online portal. These forms allow the property owner to register guests for an extended period of time to prevent having to call in frequent visitors. The forms can be obtained online from the HAWL website, the HAWL office, and the guard gate.  Once completed, the forms may be submitted to the HAWL office or guard gate. 

Call In- Should be utilized only if unable to use the Gate Sentry app or online portal. Property owners and registered residents 21 years of age and older may grant visitor entry approval by calling the main gate from a phone number registered in the HAWL Membership database (limit of five numbers allowed). With the installation of caller ID, unless requested, the guard will not telephone the property owner to announce the guest's arrival or verify the entry authorization. When calling in, if the call is placed from a number not pre-registered in the HAWL Membership database or from a "blocked" number, the registered property owner (or resident 21 years and older) will not be able to "call in" a guest. In order to prevent a delay at the gate, only a maximum of two guests may be registered. Calls may only be taken 48 hours in advance. Guest registration forms must be used when registering three or more guests.


Please contact the HAWL Office (601-798-1484) if you need any assistance. We are here to help. 


Click picture below to access Gate Sentry web portal.



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